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Nobody Cares About Your Thing.

A new product launched every two minutes in the US in 2019. We have nearly 5,000 breakfast cereals. Google alone serves more than 30 million advertisements per day. This overlays the day job and the job of life. Truth: As a...

I Need Help, Bro

As an undergraduate, I studied androgyny as a force for creativity and transformation. It wasn’t my idea. Truth be told, I was carrying a “big bag of nothing” for a thesis topic and time was running out. My mentor offered it up. She said the future would be owned by creators powered by an androgynous mindset. Was I ever confused. But was she ever right.

Are You Really Safe?

  THE S-FACTOR BLOG Are you really safe? Our brains are designed to move us toward comfort and safety. Everything we create aims to help us live more comfortably, feel more secure. Think about it. Is there a product or service that doesn’t have this aim? Our jobs...

The New Comfortable

In order to achieve flow – a state of deep focus where creativity and productivity expand – performance psychologists instruct us to stretch 4% above our last, best performance. They pick 4% because it’s achievable – challenging enough to engage us, not so challenging to discourage us.

The Power of Experience & Intuition in Making Decisions

Ed Viesturs, arguably the world’s most respected big mountain alpinists and guides, once turned around just 300 feet from the summit of Mt. Everest. In his May, 2016 conversation with TIME magazine, Veisturs shares, “Don’t try to reach the summit at all costs….A lot of people go, ‘This is my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,’ and that makes it harder for people to be willing to turn around. Up there, you’re so tempted. Other people keep going. You kind of get swept up in that.”

Brand Positioning with Purpose – The Ultimate Transformer

Building a brand positioning is the critical first step for every brand. However, remarkable, breakthrough brands add another element to traditional positioning to power them – the power of purpose. By definition, traditional brand positioning is what we want people to think, feel and perceive about the brand relative to other options in the marketplace. It carves out the space that the brand can uniquely occupy and defend within an inevitably over-crowded market.

10 Actions to Strengthen Your Leadership

A friend asked me to share my own top 10 actions to become a better leader. Everyone is different in what they need to focus on and develop as a leader. There is no single answer. But below are 10 tactical ways to jump start your leadership.

Lead Like An Athlete

Many people perceive that leaders are born. In fact, leaders are no different than elite athletes. Some elite athletes may have some natural talent but its commitment and dedication to mastering their craft that gets them to the highest levels.

How to Get Your Leadership Flow On

Laird Hamilton tow-in surfs Jaws, an 80-foot wave off the coast of Hawaii. Alex Honnold free-solo climbs Yosemite’s Half Dome. No ropes. Just shoes, shorts, chalk and rock. Shane McConkey ski-base jumps off The Eiger.

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