A new product launched every two minutes in the US in 2019. We have nearly 5,000 breakfast cereals. Google alone serves more than 30 million advertisements per day. This overlays the day job and the job of life.

Truth: As a culture, we have never been so overwhelmed.

Still, everyone want us to see, like, comment, share and buy their thing.

But most often we don’t. We don’t see or listen to them. We don’t buy it. In fact, our thing often doesn’t matter to any single human or group of humans. Not me or anyone in my small squad anyway.  

Nobody cares and nobody will ever care until we care enough to understand deeply what matters most to a person – one single human being – and why.

Then there is magic.

Caring creates caring.

Caring lets us into a person’s life to witness their static and ecstatic. Caring allows us to see the friction and pain points. From this vantage point, we can devise and offer things that matter – that are relevant, resonant and valuable – to them. Something that someone, or a community of someones, care for deeply.

Only when we care deeply about one person, will somebody care enough to see, listen and buy your thing.

Until then, nobody cares.