Stuart Johnson

A graduate of University of Colorado in Boulder with an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson, Stuart is an accomplished ultra-distance athlete, business leader, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, wellness advocate and father.

Stuart’s passion is helping others discover and achieve their next level of performance – something he has pursued both as an endurance athlete and business leader.

First inspired by mountaineering greats, Stuart taught himself to climb and ascended numerous 1,000+ foot routes before the age of 15. As a self-coached nordic ski racer, Stuart eventually competed among the best athletes from around the world before shifting to ultra-distance mountain running. Stuart has placed among the best in numerous mountain ultra-distance races ranging up to 100 miles, including a master’s title in the 50-mile national trail running championships. Now exploring the world of multi-sport, he is in the process of creating THEO8–a multi-day mountain ultra-distance event covering over 250 miles of cycling, 8 miles of swimming, and 50 miles of running.

An award-winning business leader and entrepreneur with over two decades in traditional strategy, brand management and innovation ranging from leading global consumer brands to start-ups, Stuart has repeatedly led businesses to double- and triple-digit growth. Stuart’s experience traverses multiple industries including consumer packaged goods, food, beverage, retail, ecommerce, athletic footwear & apparel, sporting goods, non-profit, hardware and mobile. Fully recovered from a “hugely successful misadventure” in unhealthy consumer packaged food and beverages, Stuart’s work aims to help health & wellness-oriented companies and leaders achieve transformational growth.

Stuart lives in Seattle, Washington. When not working, enjoying food with family and good friends, or exploring the mountains with his boys, Stuart trains on the trails and roads of Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and everywhere else his passions may lead him and his family.


“For brands in the outdoor industry, it’s not very often that you find people that have a depth of experience with brand management and brand growth. We were a small company wanting to become a big company, and Stuart had the experience and the ability to help us get there. He brought exactly what we needed to get to the next level.”

Anne Klein
Vice President, Newton Running

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