“Stuart is able to create a path and develop processes and initiatives that help take the strategy and really land it. There’s a lot of smart guys in consulting who are good at PowerPoint slides and creating high level strategy, but he has an uncanny way of making that strategy really land at the front line and on the shelf.”

Jaime Vasquez

C-Level Leader, Multiple Leading Consumer Brands

“For brands in the outdoor industry, it’s not very often that you find people that have a depth of experience with brand management and brand growth. We were a small company wanting to become a big company, and Stuart had the experience and the ability to help us get there. He brought exactly what we needed to get to the next level.”

Anne Klein

Vice President, Newton Running

“Stuart brings an exceptionally sharp strategic mind with an unbridled energy to actively advance initiatives and get work done. He is quite a creative and conceptual innovator while being pragmatic and focused on results. Stuart effectively brings teams together, focusing and motivating them to get work done.”

Murray Darling

Vice President International , Starbucks International

“On top of his outstanding professional skills – both functional and executive leadership –  Stuart is a hard-core endurance athlete. Why is that relevant? I am a firm believer that if you have the discipline, will power and tenacity to win a 50-mile race, powering through tough business situations is easy.” 

Jeremy Bjork

Chief Marketing Officer, Wise Foods


“Stuart is the ‘Total Package Leader’ who brings together sales, marketing, product and operations to effectively plan and grow a brand. I saw him very quickly set strategy, build the plan, organize the team around it, and inspire his people through execution. Stuart led the brand and team through unprecedented growth.”  

Tom Clemente

CEO, Smith Teamaker

“In a matter of months, Stuart lead like no other. He brought together one of the most divided teams and disjointed businesses into one cohesive team with clear priorities, structure and process. Then, against all odds, they plowed ahead and doubled the business together. It was actually pretty extraordinary, and inspiring.” 

Ross Dohrmann

Vice President, Gemline

“Stuart brings passion, energy and drive to everything. He has a unique mix of skills, blending an intuitive creativity with a strong understanding of how to grow a business, and a collaborative nature with being able to develop and drive a clear vision. I have been frequently inspired by his deep understanding of brand development, and how to weave consumer insights into successful brand strategy.” 

Erika Canfield

Head of Marketing, Outdoor Research

“Stuart successfully re-positioned [the brand] at a time of great flux in the food industry, and he grew the brand significantly while doing so. Among the many things that impressed me about was his creativity and resourcefulness in the face of limited marketing spend to conduct such a re-launch successfully. Moreover, he showed himself to be an empathetic leader who developed formidable talent on his teams.” 

David Guenthner

Vice President, Quester

“Stuart’s expertise in taking an unknown and new product and building a brand with unlimited potential is uncanny. He creates stories when talking about new products… stories that compel its audience to continue listening and then buy. He knows how to build a tribe with his message and in so doing creates a brand and business that gains momentum and grows.”

Steve Levy

Head of Product and Operations, Coros Wearables

“Stuart consistently made the work better. Stuart’s one of those clients that ad agencies are always hoping to work with — business leader and creative strategist, data-driven and creatively-inspired — equal parts head and heart.” 

Jordan Delapoer

Partner/Director/Head of Strategy Practice, North

“Strategic, focused, driven, smart. One in a thousand leaders, or certainly for me . . . the harder it is, the more he sets his sight on it and goes towards it.” 

Scott Schilling

Head of Marketing, Raleigh Bicycles

He possesses a combination of unique talents . . . intelligence, intellectual curiosity, and high-powered strategic thinking, combined with a deep sense of doing what’s right not only for the business but for his people. He is a true leader who taught and challenged me to do my best work.” 

Kristin Stanislaw

Senior Category Manager, Starbucks

“Stuart took on projects that easily could’ve dragged on for 3 years and accomplished business doubling numbers in less than a year. It was exhilarating being included in his endeavors leading our digital transformation. I found his leadership refreshing and empowering. This guy is about as laser focused as it gets and he gets things done!” 

Nancy Staltman

Marketing Manager, Stanley Brand

“He is a highly strategic person but more importantly brings value by distilling strategy into clear and actionable deliverables. He is keen on ensuring and enabling that individuals are given the space and accountability to drive and achieve the vision.” 

Dai Ichikawa

Senior Category Manager, Starbucks

“Our team was tasked with taking a startup from 0-90 in a few short months and I’d offer an enormous amount of our ultimate success was due to Stuart’s understanding of not only marketing but brand management, business, product and a supreme understanding of the cycling channel we were wedging our way into. His robust Rolodex of valuable contacts was invaluable. If you are fortunate enough to work with him, you will find yourself grateful and motivated to achieve big things.” 

Troy Trimmer

Head of Sales, Coros Wearables

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